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  • Higher ranking
  • Illuminate your business to Google
  • More reviews
  • More enquiries
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Some 80% of Google searches are carried out on smartphones and tablets – each search will present the customer with the most popular results in the local area.
There are over 6 million searches per month using a mobile device searching for ‘restaurants near me’ for example.
It is imperative that this page has been optimised correctly in order to capture traffic which leads to new customers. Each search offers several calls to action and links to your website.
Once optimised the next challenge is aim for high ranking, and to stay there.
We can get you there – it’s what we do!
Why not do a search on your phone right now? Type in the name of your venue first to see how your maps page looks, then try something a little more speculative, e.g. ‘Gastro pub, Poole’ and see where you’re listed.
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Here is an example of how we use Google on our Smart Phones to find the services we need at our fingertips. Google is huge, we use it every day, we rely on it. As a business we need to visible on it.


Julian & Sophie’s Story

Julian and Sophie are like most married couples out there. They enjoy daily life together as well as romantic occasions and adventures. Every year Julian treats Sophie to something special on their anniversary and this year was no exception!

His planning started with a reservation at Sophie’s favourite London restaurant. Like many of us, Julian’s memory is not perfect so he turned to Google for help finding the contact details and address. Fortunately for him, all of the information he needed could easily be found on the restaurant’s Google Business page!

Why this is good for you…

From a customer’s perspective, these pages are essential for finding out about businesses and reading reviews. Businesses benefit from their Google Business page by:

  • Attracting new clients
  • Managing their online information
  • Building a strong positive and credible reputation
  • Reading and responding to customer reviews
  • Gaining a better understanding of their target audience

Local Florist ?

Once Julian has made his restaurant reservation, he decides that he wants to take it one step further by ordering fresh flowers for his wife, Sophie. Again he turned to Google when searching for a reputable florist in the area that would be able to deliver the flowers to the restaurant before their reservation.

Julian knew the area quite well and he was sure that there were several florists in that part of town. However, he only managed to locate one florist just a few blocks away from the restaurant. Although the other florists had websites and they were trying to make their online presence known, they had not optimised their Google listing.

Why this is good for you…

Businesses with optimised listings also enjoy higher levels of traffic and there’s a greater level of control in terms of the details you share. There are several aspects to optimisation of your listing and these include sticking to Google’s guidelines, ensuring that your details are accurate and complete, and paying attention to detail when it comes to your business description and other information you add.

  • Finding their business location with ease
  • Finding their contact details with ease
  • Establishing your business hours
  • learning what the exterior of the business looks like (this helps when locating a particular business)

Why it’s important to be on Google?

As if the restaurant and flowers were not romantic enough, Julian came up with the idea to buy a special necklace for Sophie in honour of this special occasion. He knows that personalised jewellery can take time but, as luck would have it, the piece will be ready on the day! Julian simply needs to make sure that he can get to the jeweller on the way to the restaurant. Timing, therefore, is everything since he has to make sure that he’s not late to meet his wife for their reservation.

So Julian decides to plan his day further by mapping out his route from work to the jeweller and then on to the restaurant. The jeweller’s local listing was easy to find and Julian could calculate just how long it would take him to get there from work and how long his trip would take from the jeweller to the restaurant.

Why this is good for you…

To think, if these businesses were not listed on Google, Julian would have had to search high and low or even drive around the area to make sure that he could pull off his plans :

  • Easy to discover
  • Easy to trust
  • Easy to locate

Benefits of being on Google

In order to make sure that his plan works, Julian knows that he must leave work an hour early that day. So, he does everything necessary to get the go ahead from his boss. As he is driving to the jeweller, the unexpected happens – Julian’s car breaks down. Not only does he need to get his car towed to a repairer but he also needs to find a way to the jeweller and restaurant. The last think he wanted was to worry Sophie with his car issues. So, he called the restaurant instead. He made sure that they knew to seat his wife if she arrived before him and to let her know that he was on his way.

Julian also called a towing company and a taxi to resolve his transport issues. Both of which he found online thanks to their strong Google business profiles. Their listings were clear and comprehensive which made it that much easier and less stressful for Julian.

Why this is good for you…

Without Google, Julian would have been stuck on the side of the road while trying desperately to find the phone number for a towing company! As a business, it’s important to understand that being on Google doesn’t only help the customer, it also helps the business by:

  • Making your company easier to find
  • Creating trust between you and your prospective clients
  • Helping clients find their way to you thanks to your precisely pinned location
  • Showing local results that are relevant to their search and within close proximity
  • Helping build your online presence and credibility

All’s well that ends well…

The good news is that Julian made it to his date on time! He was able to provide his taxi driver with precise directions to the jeweller where he had the driver wait while he picked up his personalised gift. From there, again, he was able to instruct the driver exactly where to go in order to reach the restaurant as quickly as possible.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Sophie being seated at their favourite table. He composed himself, tucked the gift wrapped necklace in his jacket pocket and walked over to the table where Sophie was staring at the beautiful bouquet. She was as delighted to see him as he was relieved that he didn’t keep her waiting.

Why this is good for you…

Google is out there to help grow your business but it’s up to business owners to take the necessary steps and, since this can be quite an involved and ongoing task, there are professionals out there who know exactly how to funnel business your way! :

  • Attracting new clients
  • Managing their online information
  • Building a strong positive and credible reputation
  • Reading and responding to customer reviews
  • Gaining a better understanding of their target audience

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