Beware of the newest Google Business Listing scam

Be aware of the newest Google Business Listing scam

There’s a new Google Business Listing scam out there! During the past few days we have noticed increase attempts of gain access to the business pages of our customers so we decided to write a post about this scam to inform you about what to do to avoid losing your page.

If you own a Google Business Listing you will know that there is an option of adding managers. Usually you do this when you hire an external company to help you optimise your page. You also add managers to analyse the insights and make a plan on how to help your business grow. If you don’t own the listing for your business you can always claim ownership from Google.

How can a good optimised Google listing help your business?

Having your business listed on Google can literally be a game changer. Over the years we have seen several search engines come and go but Google is the one that has consistently improved and is undoubtedly the worldwide favourite. While some people might not like the idea of the internet being yet another of life’s popularity contests, there’s no denying the fact that being on the top of Google’s search results holds far more weight than being on top of any other search engine results. What many business owners still may wonder is just how an optimised Google listing can directly affect and benefit their business. Well, here are some key factors that will benefit if you grab that listing and make sure that it’s as optimised as it can get!

What is local search optimisation and why do I need it?

In today’s world, there is no question that the internet plays a huge role in the success of any business. It’s not just the massive corporations that depend on online strategies but small local businesses are also benefiting from the very same approach. Local search optimisation has been used for quite some time already and businesses around the world are enjoying a great return on their investments. There are, however, a large number of business owners out there who have no idea about what local SEO is or even why they need it. So, here are the facts you need to know in order to make sure that you get out in front of the competition and leverage every online opportunity.

How your customers’ experiences impact your business

In the past, we may have understood customer experience as being what our customers think of our product, or the manner in which we provided our services.  Due to the changes in technology and the increased value placed on social media, this definition has most certainly changed.

Instead of focussing strictly on your products and/or services, businesses need to look at the bigger picture.  This includes the customer’s experience from the moment they first consider doing business with you.

Social media provides the perfect platform to bridge the gap between customers and suppliers/retailers.  Instead of simply visiting your company website and reading all of your self-promotional content, they can read what you and others have to say on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.  Potential customers can browse through images, view videos and get to know you and your team which will make their purchase that much more personal rather than a simple transaction.